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John's LDAP Web Interface


Welcome to John's LDAP Web Interface. Out of interest I have developed an LDAP Web Interface (LDAP Web) using Apache, PHP and SSL tools. Myself and a few of my colleagues at Hewlett Packard use this web interface to manipulate Microsoft's Active Directory as it is more user-friendly compared to Adsiedit, LDP and LDIFDE, and also provides a common look and feel. The web interface, as stated, is an LDAP interface with the majority of testing done against Active Directory and Openldap. I have also done basic testing against Novell's eDirectory and Sun's Iplanet directories.

The project summary page is located here.


The LDAP Web Interface code is being released under the GNU General Public License (GPL), version 2. This is the same license used by the Linux kernel.

Getting Started

Most actions will require a username/password and therefore you should consider the security aspect if using over an Internet connection. For information on how to implement LDAPweb please read the Administrators Guide. To understand how to use the various please read the User Guide.


Configure available features to meet your needs

Get naming contexts
Directory navigation
Directory additions using templates or generic additions
Add binary and text attribute values to an entry
Modification of existing entries
Delete entries
Delete attribute values
LDIF features for Exporting
LDIF features for Importing
Special feature to generate LDIF code using a CSV file and an LDIF template file

Secure LDAP (TLS and SSL)

Try it

Generally there will be a version of LDAPweb located here (availability is not guaranteed).


You can download a tarball containing the PHP scripts and documentation on how to install by going to the project summary page which is located here.


Following is a list of links to the applications that have been implemented for the development of LDAPweb. For more information please read the documentation.
The Apache web server
The PHP scripting language
Mcrypt (optional)
Openldap (optional)

As security may be an issue, you might want to consider installing your Apache web server with SSL capabilities, in which case the following links will be of interest.
Open SSL

Other links of interest
Open Source provided by HP


Administrators Guide
User Guide

The User Guide is also available within LDAPweb after implementation


Project Lead and Developer

John Hallam


John Hallam



This file last updated on Thursday, 23 April 2009
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